Labor Day in Yorktown Virginia

September 7th, 2009

11 am - 2 pm

Who owns the fruits of your labor?                                                                       More and more it is becoming the government.

Whether or not you put them there, politicians are in the process of making decisions that will effect your budget and the budget of generations to come.  Many in all levels of government have the impression that they have been chosen to lead, to make decisions for us that we cannot or should not make for ourselves.  Many citizens have the same mistaken impression.  Have you passed on your responsibility of taking care of yourself to a master in Washington D.C.?  Does your master own the fruits of your labor? 

This Labor Day claim the fruits of your labor! Stand up! Speak out!
Take control of your government!

Join us at The Commons in Yorktown,
422 Water Street
Yorktown, VA 23692


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